Eighth National Molecular Microbiology Diagnostics Users Group Fall Meeting and Annual Conference

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto ON

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 NMG Annual Conference Summary


2014 NMG Annual Conference Program


Presenation High-Lights

  • Simplexa Direct Assays – Eliminating Extraction [PDF]

  • FilmArray technology – Why A Molecular Syndromic Panel? [PDF]

  • Techniques for Improved Detection of Rare Targets in Biological Samples. [PDF]

  • Sequencing in Microbiology and Infectious Disease: What’s Available Today? [PDF]

  • New Technologies for Detection of Enteric Pathogens - Algorithms, Applications, and Advantages of Molecular Diagnostics [PDF]

  • Laboratory Workflow and the Efficiency of Automation. [PDF]

  • Performance Characteristics of Automated Instruments and Second Generation Molecular Assays for the Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections. [PDF]

  • Comparison of Quidel Lyra Influenza A+B and RSV+ hMPV to the Altona RealStar Influenza and RSV RT-PCR assays on the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Dx PCR System in a high volume laboratory setting [PDF]

  • Detection of HSV in Skin and Genital Lesions: Comparison of Culture vs AmpliVue® HSV 1+2 [PDF]

  • LiDS: Listeria detection and surveillance using Next Generation Sequencing Tools. [PDF]

  • 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing on Clinical Materials: Experience of the NML Special Bacteriology Lab. [PDF]

  • Digital PCR - Refining Traditional PCR and its Application to Development of an HIV-2 Quantitative RNA Assay. [PDF]

  • Mathematical Microbiologists: Why we need to return to our square roots to uncover uncertainty (of measurement) in qPCR [PDF]

  • Results of the 2014 National Proficiency Test for 16SrRNA Gene Sequencing and/ or MALDI-TOF [PDF]