Ninth National Molecular Microbiology Diagnostics Users Group Fall Meeting and Annual Conference

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto ON

Monday, November 23, 2015
Tuesday, November 24, 2015


2015 NMG Annual Conference Summary


2015 NMG Annual Conference Program


Presentation Highlights

  • MicrobeBridge Software - Advancing infectious disease surveillance with the MicrobeNet database [Link]

  • Increased Options for Design and Manufacture of Custom Molecular Diagnostics Assays [Link]

  • The complete transplant solution: Artus CMV viral load and QuantiFERON Immune-based monitoring in Solid Organ Transplantation (SOT)

  • RIDA®GENE: present and future for the detection of gastrointestinal infection [Link]

  • EBV and CMV: When common viruses do uncommon things. [Link]

  • How do we know that diagnostic tests do what we think they do? [Link]

  • BD MAX: A New Approach to Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diarrhea.

  • FilmArray technology – A New Model for Meningitis. [Link]

  • Updates from our Laboratories

  • - Molecular Bacteriology at CHU Sainte-Justine

  • - Molecular Testing at Kingston General Hospital

  • Regulation of diagnostic test kits and Instrumentation by Health Canada. [Link]

  • What do inspectors look for during accreditation visits in laboratories that perform molecular testing? [Link]

  • Challenges to the implementation of next-generation sequencing for hepatitis B genotype and resistance testing. [Link]

  • Serotyping and subtyping Salmonella: applied microbial genomics.

  • Results of the 2015 National ChallengePanel for 16SrRNA Gene Sequencing and/ or MALDI-TOF. [Link]

  • Trouble-shooting/Interesting Cases

  • - Standardizing Viral Load Assays – The challenges of a road less travelled.

  • - Strengthening hepatitis C virus outbreak investigation by next generation sequencing; a phylogenetic anomaly resolved by analysis of intra-host viral quasispecies.

  • - WGS in investigation of a measles outbreak.

  • - To PCR or not to PCR? Resolving an isolated Hepatitis B Core antibody test.

  • - The challenge and contribution of molecular sequencing to outbreak investigation: adenovirus on a bone marrow transplant unit.