Sixth National Molecular Microbiology Diagnostics Users Group Fall Meeting and Annual Conference

Hollywood Theatre
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto ON

Monday, October 22, 2012
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 NMG Annual Conference Summary [PDF]

2012 NMG Annual Conference Program [PDF]

Presenation High-Lights

  • A New Multiplex Real-time PCR Assay for Detection of Intestinal Parasites  [PDF]

  • Designing Quantitative PCR Assays for Diagnostic Use  [PDF]

  • HCV Patient Management: Translating Molecular Diagnostics into Clinical Care  [PDF]

  • Maxwell 16 MDx Instrument: Streamlining Nucleic Acid Extraction  [PDF]

  • The LEAN Transformation of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory  [PDF]

  • Evaluation of Molecular Diagnostics for the Detection of Influenza and RSV  [PDF]

  • Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics – Applications for Shifting the Diagnostics Paradigm  [PDF]

  • An Online Tool for Standardizing Verification, Validation, Monitoring and Improving Quality Control in Molecular Assays [PDF]

  • Current State of Quality Control for Diagnostic Molecular Microbiology Assays - the U.S. Perspectives [PDF]

  • Update on Proficiency Testing Activity for NMG 2012 in collaboration with the National Microbiology Laboratory [PDF1] [PDF2]