Challenge panels



The NMG acts to identify and address gaps in available proficiency panels for its member laboratories. The 2018 challenge panel available:

2018 NMG-NML "Challenge test for 16S rRNA gene sequencing and/or MALDI-TOF "

The NML Special Bacteriology laboratory is now preparing a participation list for the 2018 NMG-NML "Challenge test for 16S rRNA gene sequencing and/or MALDI-TOF ".
We are sending this message to try to get NEW PARTICIPANTS, from among members of this group. Our apologies for those of you who also got this message because you are a member of the CMUG group.

This will be the 7th year of the Challenge Test. The panel consists of 5 isolates which are sent out coded; labs are asked to identity these agents to genus and species where possible, using usual practises and interpretation using 16S and/or MALDI-TOF technologies.

All labs which have participated in recent years or have requested to join the test in the past 10 months, have been automatically added to the list and do NOT have to anything further here. You are going to be notified about specific details for this panel in an email by mid September 2018. If you do NOT get such an email, please contact us as the address below.

If your institute performs one or both of these assays, is currently NOT PARTICIPATING in the Challenge test but WISHES TO JOIN, please contact us at the address below, as soon as possible.

We anticipate sending out the panel the week of October 22, 2018, with results being due back at the NML by or near November 7, 2018.
Results will be shared with attendees at the National Molecular Group's annual meeting, to be held in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto ON Dec 3-4 2018.

Please contact Mark Unger to enrol or for further details.

Mark Unger, MSc.
Laboratory Technologist, Proteomics Laboratory
National Microbiology Laboratory/ Public Health Agency of Canada / Government of Canada
1015 Arlington St. Winnipeg MB R3E 3R2 / Tel: 204-789-2004


The NMG aids in ensuring specific needs of its member laboratories are addressed, often working alongside the other laboratories to provide panels for orphan pathogens. In the past, the NMG offered panels in:

West Nile Virus Proficiency Panel
H1N1 Influenza Proficiency Panel

Many of the current and past panels are the result of a collaborative effort between the NMG and National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), which continues to provide many of these panels to our member laboratories. A complete listing of available proficiency panels from the NML can be found at:

NML PT Panel List

The NMG continues to welcome its members suggestions for future proficiency panel needs.