About Us

The group was formed in March 2006 at the Annual AMMI Canada – CACMID Meeting with the following goals:

  • Develop an integrated national network of clinical microbiology laboratory experts to support molecular diagnostics by collaboration and communication through discussion groups and an annual fall meeting.
  • Make recommendations, set guidelines and develop proficiency and policy regarding molecular microbiology testing.
  • Develop processes for sharing methods, specimens, data and information.

Benefits envisioned by NMG include:

  • Clinical molecular diagnostics method development, method troubleshooting, and method discussion and evaluation.
  • Reduced duplication of effort.
  • Enhanced support for laboratories through enhanced collaboration.
  • Enhanced connectivity through collaboration.
  • Progress for standardization and proficiency in clinical molecular diagnostics.
  • Collaborative efforts to establish a proficiency program.
  • Assist each other with validation (specimens and expert advice).
  • Advise on standardization of quality control in Quality assurance programs for molecular diagnostics.