Mission Statement

  • Develop an integrated national network of clinical microbiology laboratory experts to support molecular diagnostics using collaboration and communication.
  • Make recommendations and collaborate with groups setting standards and developing proficiency and policy.
  • Develop processes for sharing methods, specimens, data and information.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop tools for method development in the area of clinical molecular diagnostics, for example, proficiency testing or exchange of proficiency specimens.
  • Utilize web-board communication to develop a forum for discussion of testing-related issues, projects, validation, and research.
  • Assist in coordination of molecular testing capabilities for clinical microbiology laboratories through education and expert advice.
  • Identify, prioritize and assist in obtaining funding for projects related to clinical molecular diagnostics.

Operating Principles

  • Provide an expert advisory committee for government and groups setting standards, providing expert advice on molecular diagnostics for clinical microbiology.
  • The NMG shall respect the mandates and roles of all partners and work together in a way that will enhance their efforts.
  • The NMG will collaborate and liaise with industry to discuss current methodology and the development of new assays, although industry will not be members of the NMG.
  • By clearly understanding the roles and mandates of various organizations involved in clinical molecular diagnostics, the NMG will facilitate coordination of existing clinical microbiology laboratories.